Bottoms up!


Today is a special day for the Hempal team as it marks the launch day of Australia's newest coffee!

We have created a functional coffee brimming with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants specifically for you to increase your daily nutritional intake in the easiest way possible!

Each one of our 7 blends has been specifically created with both health and taste in mind. Our coffee tastes like the coffee you know and love but unlike a regular coffee our coffee is super beneficial for every aspect of your health! Right from your hair to your heart to your skin and to your immune system our coffee provides vital nutrients for your whole body.

And so starts our new journey. Creating, crafting and curating our range of 'coffee with benefits' so each and every person who drinks our coffee is improving their health, adding extra nutrition to their diet and thoroughly enjoying a delicious coffee!

So on this day we say 'BOTTOMS UP' as we down our WEDNESDAY blend of 'coffee with benefits'!

Our team hope you love our coffee as much as we have loved developing our range!

the HEMPAL team