Everything you want to know about Hempal Beverages!

An Australian company born to push boundaries & breath new life into a beloved beverage with our 100% Arabica coffee infused with whole fruit & vegetable super powders. We call our range, 'coffee with benefits'!

The only morning coffee you'll ever need! That's a cup of coffee full of whole fruit & vegetable super powders & tastes like the coffee you know and love!

Our coffee contains dozens of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which come from our expertly crafted superfood infusions. These powders are infused into every cup of our coffee, creating a coffee with so many benefits for your health, it’s limitless. 

Our coffee is infused with whole fruit and vegetable powders specifically blended to increase your nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants without altering the delicious taste of a rich coffee! These essential nutrients do marvellous things to your body. Our INFUSIONS page tells you all about our blends and how they benefit your body.

We're proudly Australian made. Our entire range is blended and packed in Perth using the highest quality ingredients.

Two kinds of ingredients pure! Each and every cup of our coffee contains only whole fruit & vegetable super powders.

We use 100% premium instant Arabica coffee and whole fruit and vegetable powders created using unique proprietary low temperature drying technology to yield the purest nutrient rich powders available.

There are no fillers, no chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no sugar, no gluten & no dairy in any of our blends.

**Some blends do contain silica, an agent used to prevent the formation of lumps. Silica is found naturally in the body and is beneficial for hair, skin and nail growth.

As our coffee contains whole fruit and vegetable powders the consumer should consult the ingredients list carefully to avoid any allergic reactions to any of the fruits or vegetables.

Our coffee is nut free, dairy free and gluten free. We are also vegan friendly.

We recommend unopened products to be consumed within 12 months of purchase.

Opened products should be consumed within 4 weeks from opening for premium freshness.

Note: Some blends may have slight 'clumps' inside the tin, slightly agitating the coffee with a spoon will separate the particles.

In a cool dark place. Unexposed to sunlight or heat. Keep away from moisture.

Life is limitless. Let's push the boundaries & experience life to it's fullest potential!

We're much more than a coffee company.

Our coffee is special because it pushes the boundaries which our industry is governed by.

Anything is possible when we push the boundaries by which we are bound.