From a humble thought to a delicious healthy cup of coffee, the only cup of coffee you'll ever need was born!

Our mission is to push the boundaries of our industry & breathe new life into a beverage loved by so many and we do this by infusing health and vitality into every cup of coffee we make.

What makes us so different from your regular coffee?

It's our infusions!

We created seven different infusions and blended each one with a different combination of whole fruit & vegetable super powders. These powders are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which contain up to 20x the nutritional content of their raw counter parts. This makes our 'coffee with benefits' one of the most convenient ways for you to increase your nutritional intake!

We're on a mission to show you something too.

Pushing the boundaries is what drives human experience & it's this very essence of belief which drives us to create our 'coffee with benefits'.

Life shouldn't be limited, instead it should be defined by moments of 'what if...'

We're Australian made

So are you curious ...

About the #hempaleffect ?